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Introducing our Complete Home Pro Gardening System for home growers who want to dial in to our organic patent-pending AG3 system.  Proven and well-tested for commercial applications, we've worked tirelessly to adapt our AG3 system for home gardeners at a great price.

If you want to grow organically and want to place your stamp on our world….  It’s simple.  Dial into AG3 and enjoy the finest vegetables, fruits, and herbs from your own organic home garden.

Our team has been working on these technologies for decades, leading to large breakthroughs that are based in existing natural systems for the plant kingdom. Our system offers an affordable, highly effective, and simple solution for home gardeners who wish to grow organically while increasing the overall health, yields, and quality of their vegetables, fruits, and herbs.


Our trade secret patents pending water conditioning system using a combination of technologies to reduce water consumption, omit harmful elements, and structure/blend nutrients to improve the hydration and health of crops.


Our trade secret, copyrighted soundtrack for plant stimulation and energetic acceleration of plant growth.


Our proprietary custom blended stacked microbial soil amendment for the improvement of the overall health and vitality of crops.


Our trade secret, solar-powered waterproof frequency delivery system looped together by a private broadcast signal.

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The Endogenous Dynamics team has a far-reaching vision of dramatically increasing the world's agricultural food supply by multiplying the output of existing farms through the use of existing natural resources. 

Our techniques and unique technologies  reduce water consumption and omit the harmful chemicals and pesticides left behind from prior chemical fertilizations while optimizing plant growth cycles.


Endogenous Dynamics brings a new era to the world's agriculture industries with a breakthrough technology that is based in existing natural systems for the plant kingdom.

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Utilizing proven methods from scientific discovery and incorporating unique trade secret techniques, we have developed a process that will enhance agriculture yields and useful product lifespans while contributing to the enhancement of our world and the plant kingdom.